To develop Extra Virgin Tigernuts Oil Essence, it is done by craft process in a century-old mill, which begins conducting an exhaustive selection of the best quality tigernuts.
The once tigernuts are selected, thet are grinded dry grind to transform them into fine flour. The flour are obtained is placed in sieves forming a large tower, which allows a hydraulic press to gradually obtain the product. This process can take several hours, because you have to get the product in a completely natural and handmade form. As the press is compressing the sieves, a second block may be added to continue the pressing process.
Slowly emerging is a golden liquid that is expected to be packed later, because prior to this, it is purified through a special paper. To continue the process of preparing the handproduce extra virgin tigernuts oil Essence, the bottling and labeling process is performed manually by our own staff, to ensure quality and product properties.
Once at our facilities it is stored in a cool, and dry, place and away from direct sunlight, and that maintaining these conditions, we retain all its exquisite flavor and organoleptic and nutritional properties.


A true fan of cuisine,will recognize the true gourmet products, those that stand out for their excellence, their unique flavor and purity of its ingredients. Within this category ESSENCE, a extra virgin tigernut oil, we invite you to know it.
Extra virgin tigernut oil ESSENCE is a Gourmet oil with high quality and purity which only uses the best quality tigernuts, perfect to use in a variety of plates, including salads, meats, fish, snacks, creams, soups and pastries.
With high content of Vitamin E it is a very healthy product, with a unique taste, being a perfect complement to our cuisine.
Extra Virgin Tigernut Oil ESSENCE, has been created with fruits from the best fields of tigernuts in L'Horta Nord, in the province of Valencia. With tigernuts from these fields, extra virgin tigernut oil is made, achieving impeccable and unparalleled quality.
If anything, we are convinced that the extra virgin tigernut oil Essence, has many beneficial health properties. And this fact has been corroborated by the best experts in gastronomy, nutrition and food. To the same extent that it is good for the body, tigernut oil is one of the most exclusive and refined culinary ingredients, highly recommended for seasoning and accompanyng a variety of plates.
Its exclusivity, one of its main features, make it a jewel of cuisine. This time we present an extra virgin tigernuts oil, whose most prominent feature is its distinctive and incomparable taste
The extra virgin tigernut oil Essence has multiple applications:
The most common and best, is its use in diet, due to its peculiar flavor,it can be used naturally for dressing salads, meat, fish or varied dishes (pasta, tapas, appetizers, soups and creams), having great expectation and imagination in creating new recipes.
Although it is less common, it also can be used in plates that require some type of frying, and which by its nature is more capable to withstand high temperatures, preventing cooked foods in absorbing excess oil, resulting in an alternative for dieters because they are less caloric than other types of oil.
Extra Virgin Tigernut Oil Essence, reduces bad cholesterol and increases the good, reducing blood triglycerides and preventing the formation of blood clots. This type of oil, due to its high content of Vitamin E is recommended for pregnant women (for its oleic acid), children, the elderly, and people who are following a diet.
In nutrition, it is widely used in the prevention of heart disease and gastrointestinal problems due to, its high oleic acid content. It helps us to improve our overall health and metabolism.
One important thing to note is that although these fats are good quality,they should be consumed in the diet in small proportions. We know that the Mediterranean diet, is a clear example of good nutrition it is considered one of the richest and the most diet balanced, and in it a good extra virgin Tigernuts as Essenc, cannot be missed.

Oil analysis:

Vitamin E 14,40 ml/100 grms


Ration of 20 grms Essence Oil provides 24%  Daily Dose recommended.


Contains for each 100 grms:

Fat (acid triglucerides) 100,0 % ( m/m)
Satured fat 12,0 % ( m/m)
Monosatured fat 73,50 % (m/m)
Grasa poliinsaturada 14,5 % ( m/m)
Fatty acids “ omega 3” linolenic acid 0,87% (m/m)
Fatty acids “ omega 6” linolenic acid 13,6 % (m/m)